Scent Descriptions

Fragrance Free: No additional fragrances added. The scent of our fragrance free items smell like the compounds the products are made out of. (The Body Butter contains raw organic shea which has its own natural scent.)


Apple: Freshly sliced pink lady apples.


Apple Blossom: Sweeten floral flowers before the apple bloom fruits


Apple Spice: Spiced apple pie


Balsam Fir: Wet Christmas tree farm


Barrel Aged Cider*: Old world apple cider with no alcohol 


Black Cherry Wine*: A spoof of a famous big box company fresh black cherries with a hint of merlot wine.


Blueberry Muffin*: Fresh baked blueberry muffins that are very sweet


Bonfire*: Big box store spoof. Smokey fall scent.


Bubble Gum*: Completely artificial 1980s style pink bubble gum


Chai: Long steeped loose leaf chai


Chamomile: Long steeped fresh picked chamomile


Cherry Blossom: Comparable to most big box store cherry blossom


Chocolate Fudge*: Rich deep chocolate. Smells like Christmas fudge


Citronella Orange*: Citronella to keep the bugs away with orange undercut


Clove: Spicy made from whole cloves


Cocoa Butter Cashmere*: Sweet and musky, cold weather coco butter


Coconut Lime: Citrus pina colada with strong scents of lime and coconut


Coffee: Fresh roasted coffee


Cranberry: Homemade cranberry sauce before you add the sugar


Cucumber & Green Tea: Salad cut cucumber and recently steeped green tea


Cucumber Melon*: 1990s high school scented


Dragon's Blood: Non sweetened amber with rich spice with some vanilla


Espresso: Coffee house double shot


Eucalyptus: Wet eucalyptus leaves


Fruit Pebbles*: Artificial brightly colored breakfast cereal


Gardenia: Spring time bloom, very floral with mild earthy undertones


Ginger & White Tea: Less spicy smells like made from fresh ginger root and with a spritz of white tea


Ginger Wood: Smells like the wood of the ginger plant.


Grapefruit: Vine picked freshly picked Grapefruit with no added sugar


Honeysuckle: Smells like honeysuckle flowers in a nice summer wind


Hot Chocolate*:Artificial smells like hot chocolate packet with marshmallows


Jasmine: Night blooming jasmine crawling through your window.


Kentucky Bourbon*: Strong spicy smells like it would burn on the way down.


Lavender: All natural smells like lavender essential oil


Lilac: Delicate and spring floral


Lemon Grass: Fresh cut smells like summer slightly bitter (Temporarily out)


Maple*: Smells like the glaze on a maple donut


Melon*: Fresh cut honeydew 


Meyer Lemon: Sweet lemon icebox pie.


Orange Blossom: Smells like a mature flower on an orange tree not the fruit.


Oud to Birch*: An all natural version of big box store's birchwood fragrances 


Peach: Smells like Juicy yellow peach


Peach Mango*: Tropical, sweet with undertones of citrus like a smoothie 


Pecan Pie*: Sweet, smells pecans, corn syrup and graham crackers. 


Plumeria: Soft, creamy, floral and sophisticated


Pumpkin Chai: Earthy Chai with toasted pumpkin


Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin pie scent contains vanillin


Pumpkin Spice Latte*: Sweet pumpkin spice coffee


Romantic Amber*: Smells like 1990s body spray no added chemicals this time.


Rose: Fresh picked red roses from a garden. Not from a flower shop.


Sage: Not cooking sage. Sage from the side of a mountain before it is bundled.


Sandalwood: Deep woods, seductive and all natural


Spearmint: Smells like spearmint after a spring rain. Less menthol than peppermint.


Spell of Love *: 1990s spoof of from a purple bottle everybody got it at least once. 


Thyme: Smells like the kitchen herb as it is fresh cut from a window herb garden.


Toasted Pumpkin Spice: Freshly toasted spices for pumpkin pie not sweetener


Tobacco & Bay Leaf: Freshly dried tobacco with wet bay leaf undertones


Tobacco & Cedar: Blend of traditional Medicines, earthy, woodsy and musky. 


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